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Greetings, Loteks!

Many of you have grown accustomed to me sending out an EVEmail or two every day, so I do apologize if I have not been spamming your inbox as much lately. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work I’ve been carrying out, and I’d like to share with you the progress we’ve been making and and what the next steps are from here.

Website Updates

I’ve spend a considerable amount of time updating, adding new content to, and completely reorganizing the content on,, and, for those of you in my corp, The most important thing I’ve been doing is consolidating and streamlining our training materials. In addition to being restructured, I’ve also created Learning Paths to provide a relatively static, cross-sectional approach to our training materials. On our Alliance Join page, you will now see these training paths referenced for prospective members to complete prior to joining our alliance.

Logi Fittings

Our long awaited Logi fitting series, the Lotek Trimend, has been finalized. As per my Art of Logistic Ships article, fleets with Logi support comprised of ships intended to be backed by Logi are far superior to fleets lacking Logi support that instead rely on active tanking and maintaining your own cap stability. Going forward, you can expect our alliance to make very heavy use of Logi ships in fleets of all sizes. Logi will also be replacing the Myopian and the Memnosyene as the primary mechanism to thwart suicide gank attempts (esp. in mining ops). As per my article, please be aware that Amarr and Caldari Logi ships are almost always preferable to Gallente and Minmatar Logi ships. You are more than welcome to cross-train races to take advantage of these generally-superior hulls.

Fleet Doctrine

Going forward, we will be documenting common fleet doctrines (ie. composition, role, and strategy) to be using. The purpose is not to restrict ourselves to published fleet doctrines, but rather to quickly understand and mobilize fleets by referencing a well-documented doctrine as the need arises.

War Against NPC Miners

On behalf of the Lotek of New Eden, I hereby declare war on all NPC Miners for the following reasons:

  • They rapidly deplete asteroid belts, thereby hurting our mining operations.
  • They are viewed as criminal activity in the eyes of CONCORD. Hence, we can earn bounties and raise security status with CONCORD for eliminating them
  • They provide a mid-level PVE combat experience, where the AI and tactics used is better than those found in missions, but without being as difficult as Sleepers, Incursions, etc
  • They’ll provide for great training exercises for fleet doctrines (esp. the use of Logi)
  • The presence of an Anti-NPC Miner fleet also doubles as protection for our mining ops. Two birds with one stone!
  • They drop good loot!

Griefing Policy

We’ve recently had a griefing incident that went completely out of control. I am ashamed of the event, and accept full responsibility, from start to finish, as to what transpired. In the end amends were made and the parties involved were left on good terms, but the fact that it had happened at all was unacceptable and most unbecoming of who we are and who we strive to be. In order to prevent such an incident from ever happening again, I’ve drafted a new Alliance-wide Griefing Policy.

At the alliance level, we are not banning griefing outright (though member corporations may choose to do so). The purpose of the policy is to establish parameters by which griefing is arguable deserved, limited in scope, and promptly terminated to ensure it does not get out of hand. It suffices to say that random targets are not to be griefed, as they must first have done an offense that is both grave and deliberate in order to qualify for griefing should you pursue that option.

Membership Transition Policy

I’ve written up a Membership Transition Policy to formally establish that there are no ‘special considerations’ with regards to transferring from one corp to another within the alliance. Just because you are in one corp does not mean you would be automatically admitted into another corp should you pursue a transfer. It also establishes a corp’s right to determine whether or not they would permit temporary leaves of absences from the corp with the intent to return.

Fly safe o7
– Archer

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  1. I like the Griefing policy and the membership policy – I’ve not had time to digest the other things yet.

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