Political Doctrine

  • Our mission is to become New Eden’s largest, most active do-it-all, do-it-everywhere, casual-friendly, new player-friendly, roleplayer-friendly alliance.
  • Our greatest asset is each other, and we put community and collaboration forth above all else.
  • We do not warmonger: wars will come to us whether we like itor not, but we will be ready nevertheless.

Military Doctrine

  • We aim to master the use of T1M0 fits.
    • The performance of T1M0 fits is grossly underestimated. A good T1M0 fit with high skills and in capable hands can be deadly in both PVE and PVP.
    • T1M0 fits are extremely cheap and therefore expendable. They’re readily available, and not a tear will be shed if they are lost.
    • T1M0 fits serve as baseline models that are easily improved. In particular, they can be upgraded with readily available T1M+ modules found as loot from NPC wrecks.
    • When engaged as the underdog in asymmetrical warfare against better equipped enemies (ie. using fits employing T2, Faction, etc), they will need to destroy several (tens or hundreds) of our forces to recoup the loss of a single one of their ships.
  • We aim to master the use of small hulls (frigates and destroyers).
    • Small hulls are cheap, accessible, and require little time to master.
    • Small hulls can easily speed tank larger vessels and overwhelm them with small gangs.
    • Small hulls excel at guerilla warfare: they’re quick to arrive, quick to leave, hard to hit, can easily escape if needed, and their losses are easy to recoup if destroyed.
    • Almost every role is available for all the races with T1 and T2 frigates and destroyers.
  • We aim to master decentralized operations
    • Decentralized operations are difficult to track and disrupt.
    • Provides multiple staging areas for launching operations and causing diversions.
    • Allows members to select a base of operations most convenient to them.
    • Allow members to operate in semi-autonomous groups that best aligns with their needs and areas of operation.
  • We aim to master the art of PVP Avoidance and PVP Situational Awareness
    • It is our full intention to operate freely anywhere at anytime, even the most hostile of environments, even if its right under the nose of our enemies
    • We will fight (or not fight) only on our terms, not that of our enemies
  • We aim to master the use of 2 Second Warp Outs (2SWO)
    • 2SWO allows us to quickly mobilize our forces across scattered across multiple systems
    • 2SWO allows us to breakthrough gate camps and stations under siege when in Empire Space
    • 2SWO allows us to quickly escape ambush before the enemy even completes warping
    • 2SWO allows us to outpace the enemy, thereby losing them in pursuit

Economic Doctrine

  • We aim to be the masters of self sufficiency.
    • We aim to acquire and max research every blueprint original available so we can produce anything at anytime as needed.
    • We aim to minimize our dependence on markets for supplies.
    • We aim to produce supplies more cheaply than available on the market.
    • We aim to be able to survive in isolation, such as in wormhole systems or when under siege by enemy forces, even if supply lines are blocked off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we only allowed to use T1M0 fits?
Are we only allowed to use frigates and destroyers?

No, of course not! We want to fly high-end full-T2/Storyline/Faction/Deadspace/Officer ships as much as the next guy. The Lotek Doctrine does not stipulate what to fly, what endeavors to pursue, or how to operate, but rather it establishes an extremely high minimum level of competency. By mastering T1M0 and small-hull fits, we will be fully capable to pursue whatever endeavor no matter what resources are or are not available to us, and we will be that much stronger when using higher-end or larger-hull builds.

I can’t seem to fit everything in this T1M0 fit…
I’m not capstable when using this T1M0 fit…
I can’t 2SWO on this 2SWO-capable fit…

Certain skills need to be trained to certain levels in order to use a T1M0 it to its fullest potential. These skills increase its fittability, its cap stability, and its general effectiveness. In the meantime, make appropriate modifications that make it easier/possible to use without compromising its core features and functionality.