Fittings List


The complete list of Lotek fittings can be found on Osmium.

(Partial) Table of (Notable) Fits

Ship Name Class Role Race Properties Scope Cost SP Experience Level Uses
Drudge Resource Harvesting Ore, Ice, Gas Harvesting ORE Guerilla Solo Low Low Newbie Low-Risk Harvesting in Hostile Environments
Serom Attack (PVP) Gank, Tackle ACGM Suicide, Gunboat Small Gang Low Low Newbie Any PVP
Zergling Attack DPS G 100km+ Range, Droneboat Small Gang Low Low Newbie Any combat scenario. Useful for blitzing PVE

Attack Class

Suicide Gank

Lotek Serom

The Lotek Serom is an extremely lethal, expendable, entry-level, small gang “suicide gank” PVP ship. The objective is to swarm the enemy, tackle them (web + scram), and unleash extraordinary amounts of DPS to take them out quickly before they can respond or call for backup. Because it is a “suicide gank” ship, it’s not intended to survive the engagement, though its chances of survival increase tremendously the more of them there are in the fleet.

The Lotek Serom is available to all four races, and comes in two flavors: Standard and Lite. The Lite flavor does not use rigs, thereby reducing cost considerably with only a modest penalty to survivability. Both flavors include both a scrambler and a webber, though only one may be fit at a time; however, both modules should be purchased so that the fleet can quickly and easily decide which fleetmates will use one and which fleetmates will use the other. By purchasing them both as part of the standard build, we will eliminate the issue in which the entire fleet purchased one but not the other, thereby severely diminishing its effectiveness as a unit.

The Lotek Serom should engage the enemy as follows:

  • Sensor Booster should be loaded with an ECM script and should be on at all times. Its purpose is to mitigate the effects of any ECM (ie. breaking target lock) by the enemy. Should at least one scrambler in the fleet survive the ECM, the enemy is very unlikely to escape once everyone else recovers from ECM.
  • Distance needs to be closed as quickly as possible:
    • Engage the Afterburner while closing distance.
    • For small ships, approach directly
    • For larger ships, use discretion as to whether you should approach directly or spiral inward
  • Once the distance is closed:
    • Engage tackle (ie. webber or scrambler)
    • If the enemy is small, disengage the afterburner
    • Orbit the enemy at 500m
    • Activate weapons, neutralizers, and nosferatus (if applicable)

The Amarr, Gallente, and Minmatar versions of the Serom need to be as close as possible to the enemy in order to inflict heavy damage. The Caldari version’s damage is no affected by range as long as the missiles can reach the target.

Lotek Rabid [WIP]

The Lotek Rabid is an attempt at making a suicide gank ship with near perfect accuracy by using missiles and/or drones.

Unfortunately, there is no suitable T1 frigate hull for use by the Amarr.


Lotek Han

The Lotek Han is designed for solo PVE. While multiple Hans can band together to complete PVE sites faster, it is usually preferred to have a more diverse fleet to do so whenever possible.

Lotek Zergling (G)

The Lotek Zergling is a very unique ship: it is the only cheap T1 frigate build that can unleash relatively high amounts of damage with near perfect accuracy at over 100km. It relies on speed and range to avoid getting hit.

Combat Class

Active Tank/Logi-Backed

Lotek Asha

The Lotek Asha is a close range tank for delivering sustained DPS while enduring substantial punishment from the enemy.

Lotek Osran

The Lotek Osran is a medium range tank for delivering sustained DPS while enduring substantial punishment from the enemy.


Targeted ECM

Lotek Memnosyne

The Lotek Memnosyne is a cheap, dedicated targeted ECM ship. It can be used to facilitate a fleet’s escape and sabotage the enemy’s combat efforts. Targeted ECM is not guaranteed to succeed, but when it does the impact can be tremendous. ECM is best used in prolonged battles and against ships of critical significance. It may also be used as a last resort to attempt escape, but it is by no means reliable in this regard.

Remote Sensor Dampening

Lotek Myopian

The Lotek Myopian is a cheap, dedicated remote sensor dampening ship. It can be used to facilitate a fleet’s escape and sabotage the enemy’s combat efforts. Remote sensor dampening is a fairly reliable, but not perfect, way to help escape the ‘tackle radius’ of enemy tackle ships.



Lotek Trimend

The Lotek Trimend is a cheap, dedicated armor, shield, and/or energy transfer ship. Some racial variants are almost strictly better than others. Some racial variants are cap stable while others are co-dependent on being paired with other Logi ships in order to produce infinite energy for cap stability; however, these variants are more resiliant against CAPWAR than the non-co-dependent variants.

When in doubt, a fleet comprised only of Augorors and Ospreys is desirable as long as there are at least two of the same kind.

Resource Harvesting

Ore, Gas, and Ice

Lotek Drudge (Ore, Gas)

The Lotek Drudge is a cheap and expendable guerilla harvester. A single haul of anything can more than pay for itself should it be destroyed at some point.


Entry Level

Lotek Explorer

The Lotek Explorer is a cheap, expendable, and surprisingly effective ship for probing and hacking. With high skill points and hacking ability, even Sleeper sites can be hacked once the rats are repelled.