Civic Guard


The Lotek Civic Guard (LCG) is our alliance’s ad hoc militia. It’s purpose is to train members in fleet operations, accompany and/or supervise operations, and to defend our alliance and its interests from hostile forces.

Please do not hesitate to request an experienced LCG Commander to supervise an operation, or to request that the LCG itself  to accompany, assist, and protect operations. Fleets involving the use of large, slow, vulnerable, and pricy ships (such as mining barges, transports, and battleships) require extensive protection, and the LCG is there to offer such protected whenever it is required.

Anyone who wishes to join the call to arms when the Civic Guard is rallied is encouraged to have some suitable counter-PVP ships premade and on standby. When in doubt, use the Lotek Serom, but you are welcome to survey all of our alliance fittings for ideas. You are encouraged to seek approval for a non-standard fit from the Civic Guard Fleet Commander prior to joining.

Please note that membership and participation in the Lotek Civic Guard is not compulsory. Anyone can participate at any time, and are not obligated to participate in future operations should they be unable or unwilling. Remember: the LCG is ad hoc by design; this is in contrast to our alliances more formal military units which have more structure.

Essential Ships for Standby

All members of the Lotek Civic Guard should strive to train for and procure fits designated by the alliance to be Essential Ships for Standby. Militiamen should attempt to complete a grade of readiness before pursuing the fits present in higher grades.


Some members of the alliance may be formally appointed as Lotek Civic Guard Commanders. These are pilots who have demonstrated the characteristics of good leadership, management, strategy, and tactics necessary to lead the Lotek Civic Guard into success. There is no hierarchy among Lotek Civic Guard Commanders, so they are expected to collaborate with regards to organizing fleets. As previously stated, anyone can assemble the Lotek Civic Guard, so Commanders are not obligated to lead such fleets should a non-Commander present themselves as a leader.

Commanders are encouraged to stockpile many of the Essential Ships for Standby so that they can be provided to members of the fleet who do not have those ships but otherwise have the skills to fly them. Commanders are welcome to apply for compensation should a ship be given to a fleetmate.


Mastery Objective Comments
Basic Training
  • Solo L4 missions in a T1 BS with at most T2 modules/rigs
  • Complete L4s in a fleet comprised of T1 frigates with or without Logi support
  • Provide Logi support using T1 Logi Frigates
  • Fleet Coordination
    • Discord VOIP
    • Commanders Speak, Squaddies Listen
    • Broadcasts as primary communication mechanism
    • Gate Cloak Synchronization
    • Discretionary Actions