Essential Ships for Standby

Players that are able to fulfill a wide variety of roles under short notice are highly valued in any corporation or alliance. This page prioritizes those ships which would benefit the Lotek of New Eden greatly if every member were to have the skills to fly them and have a few premade and ready to go at a moment’s notice. The below table defines “readiness grades” for describing Lotek members.

A Lotek member is said to have attained the highest readiness grade such that:

  1. They have the skills required to fly all the ships specified for the readiness grade
  2. They have at least one of each ship premade and ready to depart from HQ and their assigned base at a moment’s notice
  3. They have satisfied the above criteria for all previous readiness grades

Some will note that the readiness grades are designed in such a fashion as to heavily bias the use of Logistics ships; this is because Logistics ships are the only ship class which is of great benefit to every single fleet imaginable in EVE.

Please note: the table is very wide, so horizontal scrolling may be necessary.

Grade Shield Armor Capacitor EWAR Combat Mining Command Comments
Alpha One of:

  • Lotek Trimend I-C (preferred)
  • Lotek Trimend I-M
One of:

  • Lotek Trimend I-A (preferred)
  • Lotek Trimend I-G
Every fleet conceivable would benefit from having Logi, and you’re far better off having ‘too much’ than ‘too little’. These ships ensure that those new to the alliance can contribute to any and all existing fleet operations
  • Lotek Serom I (Any)
  • Lotek Zergling
  • Lotek Drudge (Non-Mercoxit Ore)
 Gamma One of:

  • Lotek Trimend III-C (preferred)
  • Lotek Trimend III-M
One of:

  • Lotek Trimend III-A (preferred)
  • Lotek Trimend III-G
  • Lotek Myopian I
  • Lotek Mnemosyne I
Epsilon  One of:

  • Lotek Trimend III-A
  • Lotek Trimend III-C
  • Lotek Tundra
  • Lotek Myopian III
  • Lotek Mnemosyne III
Theta One of:

  • Procurer (Recommended)
  • Covetor
  • Retriever (Not Recommended)