Channel Policy

Universal Channel Policy

  • No spamming/flooding: try to combine multiple small messages into less frequent, large ones (ie. paragraphing)
  • Relocate fleet or other private conversations into their respective channels
  • Roleplay is encouraged but not required
  • No personal attacks on other members: keep your personal conflicts off corporation channels
  • No nonconstructive negative commentary that will unnecessarily lower morale or make the corporation look bad: keep it constructive, raise your concerns privately to an appropriate officer, or keep it to yourself.
  • No discussing of corp-private matters in non-corp private channels (eg. alliance channel, corp recruitment channel)
    • Example: do not discuss ship losses or war target activity in recruitment channel
  • No discussing of alliance-private matters in non-alliance private channels (eg. alliance recruitment channel)

Alliance Channel Policy

  • The Alliance channel is intended for socializing with and helping alliancemates (including corpmates), organizing and forming fleets, organizing and planning events, and general discussion
  • The Alliance channel may be used to discuss Alliance-private (but not Corp-private) topics such as war efforts
  • DO NOT discuss Corp-private topics such as corp politics in this channel

Corp Channel Policy

Corp channel policies are to be established by the leadership of the respective corporations.