Griefing Policy

Let ‘griefing’ be defined as singling out a group or individual for relentless sadism by means of in-game mechanics (including but not limited to piracy, war declarations, bounty hunting, espionage, etc) and/or the social community at large.

Griefing is highly discouraged in our alliance, but the alliance will make limited provisions for griefing that is arguably “deserved” but otherwise fair under the following conditions:

  1. Targets of griefing must have caused an offense that is both grave and deliberate using in-game mechanics (such as ganking or theft) or via the social community at large (such as demeaning others in a public setting, proclaiming themselves to be the best, or by themselves griefing others in an undeserved or unfair fashion). Failing to follow through social customs and etiquette (such as not responding to communications, blocking at any time for any reason, etc) is not sufficient cause for griefing.
  2. Targets of griefing who surrender, apologize, or otherwise ‘submit’ shall have the griefing enacted upon them ceased immediately and unconditionally.
  3. Should there be possibility of an offense being made due to ignorance of mechanics or etiquette (such as looting your wrecks), the offender should be contacted in a peaceful manner and be informed and educated as to the nature of the offense. Should it be determined at that time that the offense was deliberate, then griefing may be enacted; however, under no circumstances will an individual be griefed due to ignorance.
  4. The alliance as a whole will never grief any entity; however, member corps of the alliance and individuals belonging to those corps may do so.
  5. Member corporations of the alliance may impose additional restrictions on their members, including the expressed forbidding of griefing. Corporations may not implement any policy that ‘relaxes’ any of the provisions outlined herein.