Hostiles Communication Policy

The purpose of this policy is to minimize the possibility of unnecessarily instigating a wardec upon our alliance, and to increase the likelihood of existing wardecs getting dropped sooner rather than later.

  • Unless authorized by alliance leadership, under no circumstances are you to communicate with war targets or known alts of war targets
    • Reject or ignore all private conversation invitations from war targets.
    • Do not verbally respond to war targets in Local, with the sole exception of a customary “good fight” at the end of a combat engagement.
    • If a war target sends you an EVEmail, do not respond to it. You are encouraged but not required to forward it to alliance leadership.
  • Under no circumstances are you to converse in the Local at all whatsoever when in a tradehub (ie. Amarr, Jita, Dodixie, Hek, and Rens) except to:
    • Post commerce related offers and inquires (“want to buy/sell/trade”, link contracts, etc)
    • To offer a “good fight” at the end of a combat engagement.
  • You are discouraged but otherwise not prohibited from communicating with pirates, those in bad standing, and other non-WT hostiles as long as you do so under the following conditions (unless otherwise authorized by alliance leadership):
    • You ignore and do not respond to any verbal threats, taunts, jibes, insults, directed to you, your friends, your corp, or your alliance in any way, whether sent by private convo, EVEmail, Local chat, etc.
    • You do not verbally provoke them in any reasonably conceivable fashion.